Lisa Nichols’ Bio

Lisa Nichols is a graduate of Boston University, where she earned a BA in Psychology, and Southern Oregon University, where she earned a BA in Music as a Mountain Meadows Chamber Music Concerts Scholar. She fell in love with music in 1987, when she won a recorder at a library summer reading program. Lisa moved on to flute in 1989. She has studied with Julie Armstrong, Alex OgleMarianne GedigianLars Johannesson and Katie McElrath, and participated in a master class taught by Michael Hasel. Lisa is passionate about learning, and grounds both teaching and her own practice routine in her knowledge of Psychology. She regularly performs in the Firebird Wind Trio with oboist Lorin Groshong and clarinetist Gwen Hutchings, NACUSA, the Rogue Valley Symphonic Band and the Ashland City Band, and she has appeared in the Jefferson Baroque Orchestra  to and the Rogue Valley Symphony Orchestra.

Lisa teaches flute lessons at convenient locations in Medford and Ashland, Oregon.



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